Messe / Exhibition

Messe / Exhibition

Hove West has been working with exhibitons for more than 25 years. We provide a wide range of lighting, audio, visual and rigging equipment from one of Norway’s largest rental stocks, based in Stavanger.

With a description of the stand and your requirements, we create suggestions for lighting, sound systems and screens suited for both small and larger scale stands.

We supply a wide range of suspension systems, chain hoists, lighting fixtures, LED equipment, moving heads, lighting control and wiring – everything required. 

Please send us a description of the stand and your requirementsincluding drawings and illustrationsWe can then create suggestions for a lighting system adapted to the stand. We supply equipment for both small and large stands.

We have a wide range of TV screens, LED screens and projectors in different sizes available for rental.

Do you want to have a live stream of your stand directly to your facebook or youtube page? We can supply a full camera production with both remotely controlled and manned cameras.

We supply sound systems for presentations, video system or background music for your exhibition stand. 

We have a wide range of products to accomodate your needs e.g:

  • Wireless and cabled microphone systems.
  • Personal wireless PA system with the use of headphones to each delegate.
  • Small and large speaker systems.